Hotel in Austria 

  • Unrealized hotel project in Austria
  • Wellness hotel
  • 60 rooms / suites
  • Timber construction

Austrian Hotel project

The main goal of the design was to protect the surrounding environment and landscape and to create the best possible viewpoints to the lake and the surrounding mountains.

Therefore, the author decided to create a village-like structure by breaking up the hotel into three buildings resting on a common basement level.

Since the basement floor is partially integrated into natural slope, it is not perceived as an autonomous building and includes, apart from the rooms, large part of the functions.

A infrastructure level was planned as well, which takes over the delivery from the outside and in inside. In addition, this floor offers staff rooms and hides the entire house technic as well as storage facilities.

Two of the two-storey buildings home all rooms, suites and the associated infrastructure.

The third building, which hosts events, leans in proportion and appearance to the typical boathouses on the lake, whereas the main buildings correspond more to the ecology of the old hunting grounds in Ausseerland.

Pitched roofs were deliberately planned for all buildings, as they best correspond to the appearance and the local tradition and are not in conflict with contemporary architecture.

The design goal of the architect was to make all building structures in form and proportion as simple as possible and thereby correspond to the traditional construction method in Ausseerland, which is characterized by simplicity and straightforwardness.

Due to the separation of the inconspicuous base and the buildings  ,high density is achieved on the one hand, which is necessary to accommodate all functions. On the other hand, this fact is optically greatly attenuated, since only the freestanding buildings dominate the overall appearance.

This approach is consciously opposed to the concept of a central building, which would have considerably overburdened the property in proportion.

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